Duraclad is well suited for wall or roof applications. This panel offers strength and an anti-syphon sidelap design for both economy and peace of mind. Available in a wide range of gauges and finishes, Duraclad is our most popular panel.

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Care & Maintainence

Pre finished sheet steel building products, such as wall and roof cladding,liner sheet, flashing, and associated items, have experienced an enviable growth record during the past twenty years or so. Coil coated pre finished sheet steel in a variety of colours and paint systems has greatly enhanced the appearance of thousands of industrial, commercial, institutional, recreational, residential and farm buildings, providing an economical, durable and attractive alternative to traditional materials. As with all materials, a little care and maintenance pays off handsomely in terms of longevity and repair costs. The recommendations which follow have been learned at first hand and represent the collective industry experience with thin- film paint systems applied to metallic coated sheet steel by the coil coating process. In this publication the term “thin-film paint system” refers to a modified silicone polyester or a fluorocarbon type having a coating thickness about 25um.

When the guidelines listed below have been observed, thin-film paint systems have been used successfully for all types of environments other than severe industrial atmospheres which require special consideration. The guidelines are not intended for barrier coatings, laminates, and new formulations which have different characteristics than the thin-film paint systems on which these guidelines are predicated.